Our History

Our History

Bill Dayton
Bill Dayton

The Freeport Concert Band can trace its roots back to the early twentieth century and the Freeport Fire Department Band. In 1921, a marching band emerged from the group. Bill Dayton led and conducted this band which called Freeport, New York its home.

Ted Mordoff
Ted Mordoff–2010

At the conclusion of his amazing fifty years of service, Dayton, in 1971, stepped aside and Ned Mahoney, the band’s Conductor Emeritus, took over the role of conductor.  It was under his leadership that the Freeport Fire Department Band began slowly morphing into a concert band.  Mahoney stepped down as conductor in 1976 at which point Kazimier (Casey) Albinsky took the baton. It was under Albinsky’s leadership that the band moved, in the fall of 1983, and took up temporary residence in the nearby hamlet of Franklin Square where it became known as the Franklin Square-Munson Fire Department Band. In the spring of 1986, Albinsky resigned for health reasons and Ted Mordoff took over. Later in the year, the band relocated again, this time to Rockville Centre, where it took on the name Rockville Centre Community Band. Mordoff conducted until 1998.

camus-manhoney in 2007
Raoul Camus and Ned Mahoney–2007

Mordoff’s replacement was Raoul Camus  (Conductor Laureate) who led and conducted the band until December 2010. It was under his leadership that the band grew significantly in size from fourteen members to over fifty and a concert schedule was developed (the inaugural concert of the Freeport Community Band occurred on May 17, 2009). In January 2009, the band moved back to Freeport.

In recognition of the band’s “commitment to enrich the quality of life of the people of Nassau County” and for “providing a nurturing environment for Long Island musicians and students” for 90 years, the group was awarded Citations from Nassau County Legislator David W. Denenberg as well as Freeport Mayor Andrew Hardwick on December 17, 2011 (click here to view the citations).

Sandra Vigliotti–2017

Today, the band is conducted by Sandra Vigliotti.